Tabcorp is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and operating with integrity to ensure the sustainability of our business and create long term value for our shareholders.

To support this commitment, Tabcorp’s Board of Directors and management have adopted leading governance arrangements that are reflective of a high performing well-governed organisation.

Governance framework

Governance framework

Tabcorp’s corporate governance framework recognises the specific roles and responsibilities of the Board and management in overseeing the operations of the Tabcorp Group. Board and management committees have been established to ensure appropriate focus on the key business issues relevant to the organisation.

Charters and policies

Key governance documents, such as Board and Committee charters, and our main policies are published in the Corporate Governance section of this website.

Corporate Governance Statement 2020

Corporate Governance Statement 2021

This document describes the Tabcorp Group’s governance practices for the financial year ended 30 June 2021.

Risk management

Risk management

Tabcorp’s Risk Management Framework, summarised in the diagram opposite, explains our approach to understanding, identifying and managing risk which is aligned to the Group's strategies and operations. It sets out the main risk categories that matter to the Group, key policies including a Compliance Management Policy, and tools and procedures in place that enable the management of risk and compliance.

The Chief Risk Officer team annually reviews the Risk Management Framework to ensure its continued appropriateness and effectiveness. Any material exceptions are reported to the Executive Risk and Compliance Committee and to the Board Risk and Compliance Committee.

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