Tabcorp-Tatts Combination

About the combination

The combination of Tabcorp Holdings Limited and Tatts Group Limited (Tatts) was implemented in December 2017, creating a world-class, diversified gambling entertainment group.

The combination was achieved by way of a Scheme of Arrangement between Tatts and its shareholders. In accordance with the Scheme of Arrangement, eligible Tatts shareholders (as at the Scheme record date of 19 December 2017) received 0.8 new Tabcorp shares and $0.265 in cash per Tatts share on 22 December 2017. Tatts shareholders also received a fully franked Tatts special dividend of $0.16 per Tatts share which was paid on 19 December 2017.

The documents below will assist former Tatts shareholders with determining the tax implications of the combination.

A copy of the Tatts Scheme Booklet dated 8 September 2017 can be downloaded here.

A copy of the Tatts Supplementary Scheme Booklet dated 28 November 2017 can be downloaded here.

Tabcorp-Tatts combination shareholder FAQs

ATO Class Ruling: Tatts Group Limited Scheme of Arrangement and payment of Special Dividend

Tax calculator guide

Historical Tatts dividends

Shares in Tatts Group Limited (previously called Tattersall's Limited) were listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 7 July 2005 at $2.90 per share under the Retail Offer (and $3.10 per share under the Institutional Offer). Under the Retail Offer, the standard allocation was 550 Tattersall's Limited shares.

Tatts Bonds

Tatts Bonds were seven year debt securities which commenced trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on a normal settlement basis on 4 July 2012, under the listing code TTSHA. Holders of Tatts Bonds were entitled to receive quarterly interest payments with the interest rate being equal to the sum of the 90 day bank bill rate plus a fixed margin of 3.10%.

The Tatts Bonds matured on 5 July 2019 in accordance with the Terms of Tatts Bonds as detailed in the Tatts Bonds Prospectus. All holders of Tatts Bonds recorded on the register at the record date of 27 June 2019 received a maturity payment of $100 per Tatts Bonds which represented the Face Value of each Tatts Bond.

Some former holders of Tatts Bonds voluntarily elected to redeem their Tatts Bonds following the Tatts change of control event. Those holders who chose to redeem their Tatts Bonds received the Face Value of $100 plus $0.645 being the quarterly interest accrued to 22 February 2018 (the Change of Control Event Redemption Date).

Below are documents relating to the former Tatts Bonds.

Tatts Bonds Prospectus

Historical Tatts Bonds interest payments

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