Corporate Responsibility

We push forward because we care about the game we're in. David Attenborough - Tabcorp CEO

Tabcorp’s vision: The trusted gambling entertainment company.

Excitement with integrity underpins everything we do at Tabcorp. We believe in taking responsibility for the role we play in our communities and sharing the benefits of our success with our stakeholders.

Our corporate responsibility framework is founded on the five pillars of community, workplace, governance, responsible entertainment and the environment. Click on each pillar in the diagram below for more details.

Tabcorp’s continued inclusion in the globally recognised Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and FTSE4Good Index since 2001 demonstrates our long term commitment to corporate responsibility. 

Refer to Tabcorp's Corporate Responsibility Reviews below and Tabcorp’s Annual Report for an overview of Tabcorp’s key corporate responsibility developments and achievements.

Tabcorp Charitable Games


Tabcorp Charitable Games aims to be one of the biggest funders of good causes in Australia. We supercharge fundraising for charities and sporting clubs by providing innovative fundraising products and technology solutions so that they can raise more money and do more good for their causes. Tabcorp recognises the challenges facing not-for-profit fundraising efforts and use our size, talent, expertise and technology to help. We support the 50-50 Foundation, a registered charity which raises significant funds for charities and sporting clubs through its two products: 50-50 Charity Raffle and Play-For-Purpose.


Corporate community investment, employee and community engagement, and support for improving social impacts.
Leading workplace practices to foster fairness, safety and wellbeing, diversity, inclusiveness, opportunity, performance and growth.
Stakeholder engagement, Board and executive performance, policies, transparency, measurement and reporting.
Responsible gambling and advertising practices, and supporting the racing industry in enhancing animal welfare.
A good foundation to improve performance and awareness for delivering positive environmental outcomes.